Hoopdance and Hulaerobics are cutting edge forms of fitness that also serve as art forms allowing personal expression to its participants through an upbeat dance style using a hoop. Hoopdance and Hulaerobics not only provide a great cardio workout for an individuals lungs and heart but help tone up abs, arms and buttocks through isolated moves. Aside from great physical benefits the endorphins produced through the hoopdance and hulaerobics workouts offer a sense of well being, confidence and self empowerment as you learn the moves.

So basically the health benefits of hoopdance and hulaerobics are plentiful and are both physiological, and psychological. Balancing physical and mental health is an extremely important step to providing the building blocks for overall health and personal success.



Absolutely not! The first move that is covered is how to hoop properly. It doesn’t matter if you have experience or not in hooping, you will still benefit from this class and will be able to hoop confidently and easily.

No. There will be hoops provided at class.

Whether you are a beginner or an intermediate hoopdancer, hooping can be beneficial for you. If you are out of shape or fit the hooping classes were designed for all levels of fitness. Alternative moves will be provided if you can not move a certain way due to a health problem or physical limitation.

There are many different types and sizes of hoops. Some hoops are filled with sand, beads and water while other hoops are empty inside and each unique hoop will have a different feeling and flow to it. Pro hoops have been designed for adults, beginners and advanced hoopers with specific size specs that allow a person to gain more comfort with the basics of hooping before moving on to more advance styles or other hoops.

The classes are designed for people of all ages.


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