Hoopdance and burlesque dance are fun and exciting forms of cardio-vascular dance exercise that strengthen your endurance, heart and muscles. Hooping and burlesque dance burn calories while providing artistic and creative outlets to further enable both physical and mental well being.

Hula-La is both a CPR certified burlesque and hoopdance instructor her classes and workshops are available for both small and large groups. The classes can be tailored to suit any age group and all classes will include a thorough warm-up and high energy instruction ending in a relaxing cool down session. Classes and workshops are ideal for school groups, community centers, parties, festivals, and fitness/dance centers.

Bringing with her a background of extensive dance training, fitness and rock n' roll, her hoopdance and burlesque classes encourage individuals to channel their own sense of creativity, freedom and sexiness through imagination and movement. Her sessions allow individuals to experience alternative ways to becoming fit, flexible and fabulous with a fun and exciting dance work out!

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