Burlesque has a rather long, complicated and disputed history and what we think of as burlesque today is slightly different from what it has been in the past. Generally and historically burlesque has been described as a comedic and risqué performance art with striptease dance and an emphasis on teasing. It contains hip bumps, sways, swivels and grinds done in an enticing and flirtatiously feminine manner. Burlesque dance is often associated with theatrics and a witty sense of humor. Typically, but not always, burlesque dancers will sport long opera style gloves, high heels, corsets, jewels, rhinestones and feathers. Usually a dancer will have a "gimmick" that conveys a story, theme or character in their dance number. In comparison to the highly eroticized contemporary styles of dance and stripping, burlesque is now seen as a classier, tamer and retro striptease dance but in its origin was considered a bit on the racy side.

This burlesque class is designed for women of all sizes, shapes, flexibilities, and physical levels. You do not need to have any prior dance experience to take this class.

We have women of all ages and sizes in our classes; there is no age or weight limit.

For burlesque class you can bring boy shorts, biker shorts, yoga pants, skirts, bras, sports bra, tank tops, tube tops, fish net tops, fish net or thigh high stockings, high heels or bare feet…bottom line whatever you feel comfortable in! Burlesque does have more of a glamorous and flashy sensation to it, so feel free to glitz it up with some dazzling jewelry pieces. In the later class sessions dressing up with costumes will be encouraged but not required.

Make sure your shoes are not higher than 6 inches and if your shoes are higher you really should have a strap around your ankle so that you can balance better when you move.

Yes! We do not allow anybody that is not part of the class to watch. We also will close all windows and doors.

No! You will mainly be learning dance moves and techniques but will also be learning how to take off your clothes in a very slow and sensual way without having to remove all your clothes, there is no nudity involved in the actual class sessions.

There are several different sizes and feather types of boas. The real deal can get a bit pricey if you are serious about performing I recommend you buy a thicker boa of heavyweight chandelle feathers with more grams (100-180) but for the purpose of this class and learning stick to smaller and thinner lightweight boas with less grams (40-65) because you will lose feathers and it will go through wear and tear. These smaller boas can be purchased at an assortment of places online and in costume shops for much cheaper.

If you would like to practice at home you are encouraged to purchase your own items such as a feather boa, nylons and gloves. Some feather boas and dance chairs will be provided, however it is strongly recommended that you bring your own nylons and gloves due to hygienic reasons (Make sure that your choices of nylons and gloves have a stretchy quality to the fabric). You may also want to bring a water bottle, positive attitude and a smile!