Hula La’s appearances, instructions and performances are available for booking at Events, Parties, Promotions, Car Shows, Festivals, Concerts, Tours, Conventions, TV and Film.

As a dynamic, spectacular and incredibly diverse performer, Hula-La has an extensive repertoire of routines. Her pieces range from graceful and classic fan dances with sultry hip sways and grinds, strutting her stuff in a hoopdance or cabaret chair dance, as well as high concept routines using contemporary music LED lights and fire— always a crowd pleaser! If events are family friendly and require an altered clean performance, no problem!

While there are several other hoopdance and burlesque acts around today, Hula-la uniquely combines both with a genuine background in striptease and rock n’ roll. She's glamorous but fierce with curves that would make Gil Elvgren pin ups blush! Have the hoop spinning hellcat herself make an appearance at your event! She will heat up the atmosphere by boosting up the crowds energy. She can also be commissioned to create a customized routine that centers on a specific theme, holiday or product. As a trained and highly skilled dancer she's available to play a variety of characters!

Hula-La is located in Southern California, but often travels for performances. If you are interested in interviewing or booking Hula- La as a performer, instructor, or promotional spokesmodel please fill in the form below:


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