Hula-La began Go Go dancing for a Los Angeles based punk rock band at eighteen; touring over the USA and Europe with them. Shortly after she became a feature dancer for an all female modern cabaret striptease revue and danced across America in numerous nightclubs, casinos and theaters. From Vegas to Nashville, to Billings to Houston, she has danced with female revues 'The Darling Divas', 'The California Dolls', 'The Hollywood Knockouts' and ‘Cherry Kiss’. She has performed for ‘The Peepshow Menagerie', Los Angeles burlesque bars 'The Bordello' and ‘The Roosevelt’. She has produced numerous successful striptease revues such as ‘The Female of the Species’ “Bon Voyage Burlesque” “Ghouls Gone Wild” and “The United States of Tease”. She produces the anual dance showcase "All That Glitters: Rockin Women of Burlesque" which aims to raise money for breast cancer survivers. She performs regularly at local festivals, rock, punk and car shows with different music and dance projects. 

Always thirsty for knowledge and ready to improve her practice Hula- La has studied and trained with many top notch trainers and dancers in the styles of hoop dance, firedance, ballet, burlesque, fan dance, belly dance, line dance, and pole dance but her specialty is her naughty but nice hula- hoopesque striptease acts with a cat that ate the canary smile. She combines elements of both neo and classic dance; all of her performances are infused with an electrifying spunk with a rock n' roll edge. Curvaceous and captivating, this cat is charismatic which ever role she's playing. Classy or trashy you're sure to be smitten by this hoop spinning Spanish hellcat! 

After struggling for several years with self image issues and eating disorders Hula-La found her calling to help others transform their own life through nutrition, dance and fitness. Hoopdance & the art of the tease became so much more than just tools for performance art, as she found a certain peace of mind incorporating them into a fitness regimen that became highly intimate and sacred in practice. 

Hula- La is also an accomplished make up artist and musician. She plays the banjo and has recorded and toured worldwide with her music as well. She holds a Bachelors degree in Music History & and a Masters degree in Alternative Education.

About Education
Cheer, Jazz, Ballet, Modern, Belly, Go-Go, Dance/Fitness Training: Hoop Dance, Burlesque, Fan Dance, Pole Dance, Hula, Line Dance, Aerobics, and Yoga

Licensed/ Certified Hoopdance Instructor:
Licensed/ Certified Burlesque Instructor:
CPR First Aid Certified: American Red Cross

Location-California, United States
Hair- Black
Eyes- Brown
Height- 5’3
Bust- 33 C
Waist- 26
Hips- 36
Shoe- 6
Piercings- Several and all removable.
Tattoos- Several located on mid and upper back


I started taking dance classes when I was three and continued to dance all through high school studying mostly ballet, modern dance and belly dance. After an ankle injury I had to quit ballet, but I still wanted to dance. I started Go Go dancing for a local punk band when I was in my late teens and began experimenting with burlesque, striptease and cabaret. After a particularly bad summer I discovered the hoop and hoopdance; it changed my life.

I briefly modeled for commercial companies at eleven for a local casting agency but became more interested in dying my hair strange colors by thirteen so I stopped. At eighteen, I did my first professional art-shoot and later started working at a local art school as a life drawing model. I began sending in several submissions to magazines, photographers and major commercial/website companies but was consistently rejected…either I was too curvy, too short, had too many piercings/tattoos (and in some cases not enough) I grew pretty tired of having other people decide my own fate for me and tell me I couldn't model. So I finally decided to take matters into my own hands D.I.Y style, stage, direct and produce my own images with art photographers and I do not regret it one bit!

I have provided numerous links in my contact section to a lot of the places I buy from. Many of my costumes I make myself, others I have made or I buy and alter them.

I currently only teach at Embody Pole Fitness Studio.  When traveling I will occasionally teach workshops in different locations. You may contact me for additional information regarding workshops or classes in your area.







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